Comment by: Meridith Kaylock
It is boring one houses Let's talk. Pass free registration and find best girls. Only men are more senior than 20 years!

Comment by: Justin Wyatt
What amazing images -- transformative -- our vision reminds us of the beauty 'hiding' around us at all times
Comment by: Kevin Thomas
Beautiful website .. uniquely talented
Comment by: L.S.
I have been a fan since 1990. Parker, your vision is amazing and the world needs to see more, more, more. Keep it up!
Comment by: David Wilson
Your work look fantastic.
Comment by: Jeannie Kries
Parker is an amazing talent. Love everything he does!
Comment by: D. Keena
Beautiful website. Extraordinary talent. Passion for excellence.
Comment by: Adam NaPier
Love the site, hope all is well.
Comment by: mimi nardini
magnificent being in dharma with you. .. thanx for the evening Parker. I will come again <3
Comment by: mimi nardini
beautiful thoughts. ..
Comment by: Joseph Santoro
your work moves me to a wonderful place. simply outstanding
Comment by: Kelly Holmes
"Truly authentic" and "designed to last" words spoken and lived daily by you. You are authentic....amazing...talented...and true.
Comment by: David
I kept looking for a 'thumbs up' symbol... found qualities I admire most... the desire to be authentically present, while listening and responding to the meeting of needs. Thank you for calling me to your attention...
Comment by: Mike Johnson
Love the look and feel of your site. Not only does it show your talent as a designer but it demonstrates your ability to create and develop a brand's identity.
Comment by: Perry Souchuk
beautiful clothes...
Comment by: Jeff Low
I was expecting very good but not Great! I am blown away. So proud of You! You are a Craftsman and an Artist of unbelievable talent. Thank you for sharing on this sensitively constructed site. What a gift! Jeff
Comment by: Mark
What moves men of genius, or rather what inspires their work, is not new ideas, but their obsession with the idea that what has already been said is still not enough. ~Degas. Parker is truly a genius!
Comment by: M. Johnson
Amazing stuff...I now see why you are widely considered top talent
Comment by: m. carreras
With each visit to your website, I am constantly reminded what a truly amazing talent you have in so many areas.
Comment by: Chloe Margarones
I like your fashions
Comment by: Catherine Bassetti
Website: www.catherinebassetti@com
This site is a rare journey through the richness of a career without boundaries. Few take the time or have the capacity to explain both their artistic and business process which in Design mingle and move. Parker never stops honing his craft, evident here, and understands the balance of simplicity, richness and nuance. Returning to this website is always refreshing, inspiring one to remain true to what they do best in relation to the world at large.
Comment by: S.Fedore
To a dear friend that has always had the gift to clearly demonstrate that elegance and simplicity are not necessarily mutually exclusive. YSL Lives!

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